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Activating the SuperSwitch for Rail


Certify Travel works with several Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to provide robust travel services for users.

However, some travel vendors, like Amtrak and Via Rail, sell their travel services outside of the GDS search. To include travel vendors in search results, Certify Travel provides a feature called the SuperSwitch to connect with these outside travel shopping sources. The SuperSwitch then connects to Travelfusion.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to activate the SuperSwitch required for Amtrak and Via Rail and add it to your Policy Tree.

Setting up Rail SuperSwitch

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, click Admin. Then, click Policy Setup, followed by Super Switch Settings.


Step 2: Next, click Add New Provider Setting under the Provider Settings menu.


Step 3: Enter the Super Provider Name and choose Travelfusion in the Vendor drop-down menu. When complete, click Save.


Please Note: Advance Settings are used for testing only. Please contact support prior to using this feature.

Step 4: Return to the Super Switch Settings page. From here, click Add New Rail SuperSwitch Setting.


Step 5: Enter a Rail SuperSwitch Setting Name and choose your rail provider under the Provider drop-down menu. Check the Rail Supplier for Amtrak and/or Via Rail and enter in a Corporate Discount Code if you have one. Enter an Agency Email Address to be notified of any booking errors that require action.


Select if you would like to Add Passive Rail Segments in GDS by checking the checkbox. This will create a PNR in your GDS with passive segments for the rail segments (See the tooltip on the Rail Passive Segment Type for available formats). Review the default documentation that will be added to the Passive booking. You can select Custom Documentation to adjust any entries. There are also options to add the form of payment and a OTH/TUR line.



When complete, click Save.

Add the Rail SuperSwitch Setting to a SuperSwitch Policy

Step 1: On the Certify Travel homepage, click the Admin menu. Then, click Policy Setup followed by SuperSwitch Policy.

Please Note: Only one SuperSwitch Policy is allowed per branch.

Please Note: The name Prefix is a required field. This field must be populated in order to book. if the traveler does not have a Prefix in their profile, the user will be prompted at the time of booking to add the information.


Step 2: Click Add New SuperSwitch Policy.

Please Note: You can also add the Rail SuperSwitch Setting to an existing SuperSwitch Policy.


Step 3: Under Available Rail SuperSwitch Setting(s) move the Rail SuperSwitch Setting to Selected Rail SuperSwitch Setting(s) and click Save.


Step 4: On the Certify Travel homepage click the Admin menu. Then select Policy Tree followed by Policy Tree Editor.


Step 5: Click Edit next to Core Permissions.


 Step 6Make sure all of the following rules are enabled and compiled in your policy branch.

Please Note: Default Origin Rail Station Level is the only rule that is optional.


Step 7: Click Compile to complete the process.


For more information on how to book a rail reservation, click here.

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