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Release Notes: January 21, 2020


User Interface Enhancements

The user interface has been changed to include:

  • Increased page and navigation performance
  • 20% reduced page size for faster browsing
  • Streamlined interface for user profile management
  • Modernized menu bar layout that conforms to more modern site design

Below, you'll see the updated Menu Bar with user information moved to the right-hand side:


The Profile section has also changed, and you'll see changes on the Personal InformationPassport InformationMembership NumbersBilling Info, and Travel Planners pages. Below, the new Personal Information page is shown:


Mobile Enhancements

The Certify Travel Mobile App has been updated with the following changes:

  • Travel Arrangers will now be able to book travel via mobile.
  • Users will be able to access their profile, membership numbers, travel preferences, and billing information (if applicable).
  • The ability to make rail bookings has been added (if applicable).
  • Removal of the mobile landing page with the travel icons. Travelers will now automatically land on the travel search page.

Here is an example of the updated mobile Travel Search page:


Below is the updated mobile Profile Access page:


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