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Adding a Credit Card using Payment Settings


Payment Settings can be used to add credit cards and virtual cards that can be used for all travel types. First, Payment Settings must be enabled in your Certify Travel account.

This article shows you, a Certify Travel Administrator, how to add a credit card using payment settings.

Please Note: Payment Settings cards must be added to the traveler profiles in the GDS of your TMC. When adding a Payment Settings card to your policy, please open a ticket advising the company name and ask support to confirm the company profile model has been updated for Payment Settings cards using the script named DEFAULT AIR CARD. Without his action, the credit card will not be available for offline activity.


Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, click Admin. Then, click Policy Setup followed by Payment Settings.


Step 2: Click Add New.


Step 3: Select Credit Card in the Payment Type drop-down menu.


Step 4: Complete the fields for the new credit card. Fields marked with a * are required. Name refers to your own internal reference to this card. This name will be shown to the users when selecting a card. Under Name, select the types of booking this card should be used for.


Step 5: Click Save to add the credit card to your Payment Settings.


Including a Credit Card from Payment Settings on a Policy Branch

Credit Cards:

  • Include Payment - Credit Card
  • Exclude Payment - Credit Card

Please Note: Cards added through Payment Settings are not available in the traveler profiles.

Multiple Credit Cards can be added to a policy branch. If a parent policy contains the rule item Include Payment - Credit Card and the Admin adds the rule to a child policy, the Credit Card from both rules will be available to the users. Any Hotel virtual Card included will also be shown.

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