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Adding a New Custom Profile Field to the Policy Tree


You can set Custom Profile Fields to log user data in traveler profiles for a company. This process helps with tracking and budgeting. The data from a custom profile field can be added to a GDS PNR or GDS Profiles. Once you have created a new Custom Profile Field, you have to attach it to a branch of the Policy Tree and Compile it. 

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to attach a new Custom Profile Field to the Policy Tree.

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, click the Admin tab. Then, click Policy Tree followed by Policy Tree Editor.


Step 2: Click Edit next to the Branch to which to attach the Custom Profile Field.


Step 3: Find the Custom Profile Field section and click Add New Rule to Custom Profile Field Section.


Step 4: Mark the checkboxes for Include Custom Profile FieldLevel of the Custom Profile FieldCompany Custom Profile Field - HideCompany Custom Profile Field - View, or Company Custom Profile Field - Edit. Then, click Next.


Step 5: Select the Custom Profile Field you created earlier, then click Save.


Step 6: Click Compile.


Step 7: Once complete, the String Replacement Tag from the custom profile field can be used in a Reporting Condition to enter data into the GDS PNRs that are booked. 


The String Replacement Tag from the custom profile field is placed in the GDS Command(s). The GDS format and how the data is placed within that format will be determined by the TMC Administrator.


Please Note: Refer to these articles to add or edit reporting conditions. 

The String Replacement Tag from a custom profile field can be used in a profile model to enter the data into GDS Profiles or utilized through web services. 

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