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Certify Travel User Role Overview


This article describes the Certify Travel User Roles and their capabilities. 

Basic Traveler

Basic Traveler is the role given to the main group of travelers in a company. These users can:

  • Book their own travel
  • Update their profile


Executive Traveler

An Executive Traveler is a traveler that requires a more flexible travel policy. These users may have the ability to book business class, where Basic Travelers can only book coach. Like Basic Travelers, Executive Travelers can book their own travel, and update their profile.


Travel Planner

Travel Planner can book travel on behalf of another person in their company. These users also have the same permissions as Basic and Executive Travelers.


Trip Authorizer

Trip Authorizer can approve travel for other users. These users also have the same permissions as Basic and Executive Travelers.


Company Travel Administrator

Company Travel Administrator is the employee who oversees the entire travel program. In addition to having the same permissions as all of the users above, these users can:

  • Add new users
  • Establish user roles
  • Run reports on company activity


TMC Administrator

TMC Administrator is an employee who manages a Certify Travel account on behalf of a company. Unlike a Company Travel AdministratorTMC Admins are users outside of the company they are administering. These users can:

  • Sets and manages company policy
  • Establish workflow
  • Manage access levels


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