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Updating Company Air Preference Policy


Certify Travel allows you to edit and update your Company Air Preference Policy. This policy allows narrowed search results to appear when booking a trip. For example, showing your favorite airlines first when booking a flight.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to update your Company Air Preference Policy.

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, click the Admin tab. Then click Policy Setup, followed by Company Air Preferences.


Step 2: Click the pencil icon to edit.


Step 3: Click Add/Edit Preferred Vendor Settings.


Step 4: Enter your Preferred Vendor Settings:


  • Carrier Code (mandatory): This is the code for the airline carrier
  • Lowfare differential: If the fair is percentage or dollar amount of a low fare, it will still show as preferred
  • Level (mandatory): The level of preference from 1-6
  • From: This is the departing city
  • To: This is the arriving city
  • Applies to (mandatory): This is the trip type
  • Start Date: The starting date of being preferred
  • End Date: The end date of being preferred
  • Mixed Carrier: This allows multiple carriers
  • Webfare: This applies if found as a WebFare
  • Omit: This omits a row of data
  • Delete: This removes a row of data

Step 5: Click Save to complete.


Step 6: Back on the Company Air Preferences Page, you can edit all preferences, including:

  • Air Preference Policy Name: The name of the policy
  • Apply this country's currency to air policy: The country whose currency is used in this policy.
  • Apply traveler's time value to fare: Select if Certify Travel should consider the traveler's time value.


Step 7: Under U.S. Federal Government Options you can choose your preferred options from the drop-down menu. These options are used to assign weight values to situations that may be discounted for government fares only.


Step 8: Next, set the Pass Number. This will choose where the Preferred Reserve icon will be displayed when searching which allows you to choose better travel options. You can enter up to three pass numbers, but you must enter one or no preferred reserve icons will be displayed. Choose from the following options:


  • None: No Preferred Reserve icon will be displayed
  • Least expensive fare: The Preferred Reserve icon displays next to the least expensive fare.
  • Least expensive fare on the best preferred carrier: The Preferred Reserve icon will display on the least expensive fare from your best preferred carrier.
  • Least expensive fare on each preferred carrier: The Preferred Reserve icon will display on the least expensive fare for each of your preferred carriers.
  • All preferred carriers: All preferred carriers will have a Preferred Reserve icon.
  • Best preferred carrier: Your best preferred carrier will show the Preferred Reserve icon if it has a priced air option. If not, processing will continue to your second preferred carrier, and so on.
  • All contracts: All contract priced air options show the Preferred Reserve icon. 
  • Least expensive contract: The Preferred Reserve icon will appear on the least expensive contract option.
  • Least expensive contract on the best preferred carrier: The Preferred Reserve icon will appear with the least expensive contract on your best preferred carrier. 
  • Lest expensive contract on each preferred carrier: The Preferred Reserve icon is shown by the least expensive option on each preferred carrier.
  • Least expensive government option: The U.S. Federal Government Options selected above are evaluated and the Preferred Reserve icon is displayed by the least expensive match.

Step 7: Click Save to complete.


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