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Removing a Traveler Assigned to a Trip Authorizer - Professional


At any time, an organization may need to change a Traveler's Authorizer, when the Authorizer is already assigned to multiple Travelers. In this case, it may be easier just to remove the single Traveler from the Authorizer's list.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to remove a Traveler assigned to a Trip Authorizer

Please Note: If you cannot see Assign Trip Authorizers in the Admin menu, please contact Certify Travel Support.

Step 1: On the Certify Travel homepage, select Trip Authorization in the Admin menu. Then, select Assign Trip Authorizers.


Step 2: Click the icon in the Assign Travelers column.


Step 3: Click the checkbox next to the traveler(s) you wish to unassign.


Step 4: Click Save to complete.


Step 5: Click Close.remove_trip_auth_13.png


To View from the Traveler Profile

Step 1: To access the Trip Authorizers page in the traveler profile, go to Profile and then Trip Authorizers.


Step 2: The Trip Authorizers page of the Traveler Profile will show the available authorizers. Any Trip Authorizer assigned by the Administrator will be flagged. This advises the traveler to not remove the Trip Authorizer from the list.


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