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Managing Trip Authorizers - Professional


Trip Authorizers can authorize trips for travelers. They can have multiple travelers underneath them, and these travelers can be added or removed at any time. Trip Authorizers are added and assigned in the traveler profiles. 

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to manage Trip Authorizers.

Please Note: If you cannot see Assign Trip Authorizers in the Admin menu, please contact Certify Travel Support.

Step 1: On the Certify Travel homepage, select Trip Authorization in the Admin menu. Then, select Assign Trip Authorizers.


Step 2: Check the box for a profile(s) to enable the user to authorize travel.


Please Note: The available list will contain all profiles in the company. TemplateSelf-Registration, and Guest Traveler profiles will not be added to the list. These are not normal users and would not be able to authorize travel.

Step 3: Click Save to complete.


Step 4: The page will re-display and the users that have been enabled will be moved to the top of the list. The option to Assign Travelers will now be available for any user designated as a Trip Authorizer. Click the icon in the Assign Travelers column to assign travelers to the Trip Authorizer


Step 5: This is the Assign to Authorizer page. Check the box for a profile(s) to assign them to the Trip Authorizer.


Please Note: The available list will contain all profiles in the company, including TemplateSelf-Registration, and Guest Traveler profiles. The only profile excluded from the list is the Trip Authorizer.

Step 6: Click Save to complete.


Step 7: Click Close to return to the list of Trip Authorizers.


Step 8: When you return to the Assign Trip Authorizers page, the number of travelers you assigned will be shown for each Trip Authorizer.


Once a traveler has an assigned Trip Authorizer, all trip approval emails will go to the travelers assigned Trip Authorizer

If a Trip Authorizer is added to the databridge feed, the Trip Authorizer will be automatically enabled in Administration with the traveler assigned to the Trip Authorizer.


If the traveler is making a booking that requires approval and they have assigned trip authorizers in their profile, the approval requests will automatically be sent to the assigned trip authorizers.

If the traveler is making a booking that requires approval and they do not have assigned trip authorizers in their profile, they will be prompted during the booking process to select a trip authorizer from their available list.

To remove or change a Trip Authorizer, please see Removing a Trip Authorizer - Professional.

To remove a Traveler assigned to a Trip Authorizer, please see Removing a Traveler Assigned to a Trip Authorizer.


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