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Getting Started with Certify Travel


Is it your first time using Certify Travel or maybe you need a refresher? This article will lead you through Certify Travel's best practices for setting up your profile and booking a trip. 

Register for the Mobile App

Step 1: After downloading Certify Travel from your the Android or Apple Store, complete the fields below and tap Register to complete the process.

 app_1.PNG    app_2.PNG

The Company name will be given you by your organization. This is a specific name/code assigned when implementing Certify Travel.

Step 2: Now that you're registered, you can begin booking travel from your mobile app.

Launch Certify Travel Online

Step 1: Login to Certify.

Step 2: From the Home screen, click the Travel tab.

Step 3: Click Search & Book Travel to launch the tool. 


Complete your Travel Profile

Step 1: Update your Personal Information to make sure your name matches your legal identification. On the same page, enter TSA and passport details. 

Step 2: Add your credit card in the Billing Information section. Some companies will have credit cards loaded and available to use. 

Step 3: Complete the Travel Preferences for specifics, such as your preference for aisle or window seats, default train stations, and class of rental cars. 

Step 4: Add your membership details for any loyalty programs you belong to. 


Book Your Trip

Step 1: Complete applicable search criteria on the Home Page, and click Search. 


Step 2: View search results and select your choice by clicking on the price. 

flight.jpgStep 3: Continue through the search results until you've made all of your selections.

Step 4: When you've reached the Purchase Summary screen, confirm your selections and click Purchase. Trip Authorization will be triggered if it is in place. When the trip is approved, you'll receive an email confirmation and any itineraries that are paid for at the time of booking will forward to your Certify Wallet.



Visit our registration page to sign-up for the next live training, or, watch our short tutorial video to learn how to book your next trip.

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