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Procuring Sabre Web Service Credentials


Sabre users now have the ability to select paid seating, when allowed by travel policy, and for free seat upgrades for travelers with status. At this time, this feature is only available for TMCs that provisioned Sabre Web Service credentials for Certify Travel.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to procure Sabre Web Service credentials.

Step 1: Place an order for Sabre Web Services. Agency personnel should direct their Sabre Account Management Team to place an order for Downline Sabre Web Services, specifying downline from Certify Travel.

Step 2: Request and complete the Sabre Web Services Downline Amendment from your Sabre account representative.

Please Note: The Sabre Web Services Downline Amendment requires a contract signature and amends the Sabre Subscriber Agreement.

Step 3: Once complete, the Sabre account management representative will order Sabre Web Services sessions and credentials as specified by the agency. The credentials should be ordered for the existing pseudo city code (PCC) where existing bookings are made in Certify Travel.

Please Note: Agencies must sign separate downline agreements for each individual third-party developer they choose to utilize. Credentials may not be shared by multiple applications. A Downline Amendment specific to Certify Travel is also required of agencies holding their own full developer license for Sabre Web Services. There will be a nominal one-time fee to place the downline order.

In mid-2019, Certify Travel will release full support for Sabre Web Services, including Bargain Finder Max and Multiple Branded Fares. In preparation for this, consider placing an order to Bargain Finder Max with the Sabre Web Services order. However, this is not required to use the Paid Seats feature.

Step 4: Obtain Sabre Web Services credentials upon completion, and relay them to the Certify Travel Integration Team. The agency must obtain Sabre Web Services credentials for Certify Travel to use on its behalf and relay those credentials to the Certify Travel Integration team. New Sabre Web Services credentials, which include the creation of an associated Sabre EPR to Sabre, will be built as part of the provisioning of the Sabre Web Services order.

Please Note: If Downline Sabre Web Services credentials for Certify Travel were previously ordered for exclusive use with Sabre Profiles, it is possible that additional credentials may need to be ordered.

For information on how to enable paid seating on your account, click here.

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