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Excluding Non-Refundable Hotel Rooms


It is a common policy requirement to restrict booking of non-refundable rooms due, providing leeway for last-minute travel changes.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to block non-refundable rooms from search results.

Step 1: From the Admin menu, select Policy Setup. Then, Company Hotel Preferences.


Step 2: Click Edit on the current hotel policy.


Step 3: Select Exclude non-refundable rooms. Then, Save

Please Note: Also select Allow non-refundable room for same day check-in requests if the organization would like to provide an exception. This will allow travelers to reserve a non-refundable room only if they check-in on the same day as an option.


After logging out of Certify Travel, log back in and the new policy setting is enabled for future booking. 

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