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Release Notes: October 15, 2018


Air Canada Direct Connect Paid Seat Enhancements (#18621)

We've added the ability for end users to select paid seating on Air Canada, in addition to adding Trip Authorization to the feature.

  • Seat maps requests for Air Canada Direct Connect will always be made in Air Canada Direct Connect which will provide live seat maps for un-booked itineraries.
  • Seat map requests will still be made during the booking flow if the end user has not already selected all seats while shopping.
  • The Service Attributes page will no longer contain options for Paid Seats.
  • Seat maps will now display dollar signs and the tool tip will contain pricing information.
  • Seat Map requests can now be made prior to booking and will include data about the flight(s).
  • Air Canada Frequent Flyer (Aeroplan) number is sent in the Seat Map request.
  • The Booked Itinerary Page shows the selected seats in the cost summary in the left pane as "Added to Fare" as this is how the faring information is returned from Air Canada Direct Connect.
  • Trip Authorization Policy has a new rule for Paid Seats over a specific amount.

Example of Air Canada Direct Connect Seat Map with hover text information.  This example is with Trip Authorization set to Prohibit.


Example of paid seats added to a trip.  Due to the way Air Canada Direct Connect provides the fare breakdown, the seat amount is added to the Airfare.

Custom Text

As a reminder Custom Text can be accessed as follows:  Admin > Custom Look > Custom Text.

Allow User to Default to Flight Details Expanded (#18661)

New rules have been added for the ability to have Flight Details automatically expanded when air results are returned. 

Custom Text


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