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Updating Traveler Threshold Policy


The Traveler Threshold Policy page is used to define how many travelers from a single branch can be on a flight together. 

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to set the Traveler Threshold Policy.

Step 1: On the Certify Travel homepage, select Policy Setup in the Admin menu. Then, Traveler Threshold Policy.


Step 2: The Traveler Threshold Policy section appears. If there are existing thresholds, they are listed here.


Step 3: Click the pencil icon to Edit next to the Traveler Threshold Name that requires the update.


Step 4: The Threshold Policy screen appears.


The Traveler Threshold editing screen contains the following fields:

  • Traveler Threshold Policy Name: The name of the policy.
  • Maximum Number of Travelers Allowed on same flight: This is the maximum number of users from a Policy Tree Branch that may travel on the same flight.
  • Policy Violation Action: This field determines how the policy is shown to the user when they search for travel.


  • No Action – The user is neither notified or prevented from booking.
  • Warning Message – The user receives a warning message if they are over the policy number.
  • Prohibit Booking – The user is not allowed to reserve the trip.

Step 5: Click Save to save the changes to the policy.


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