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Updating Air Instant Purchase Carriers


Tickets issued directly by the vendor without queuing to an agency for ticketing are known as Instant Purchase

This document shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to update the Instant Purchase Carriers allowed for a company.

Please Note: When working from a Travel Management Company on behalf of a company using Certify Travel, be sure to first select a SYSOPADMIN in the company you are going to Edit. This ensures you are editing and testing policy of the selected company.

Step 1: Select Lookup Lists in the Admin menu. Then, Instant Purchase Carriers.


Step 2: The Instant Purchase Carriers section appears. Click the pencil icon to edit.


Step 3: The Lookup Lists section opens. Select Add New/Edit List Item(s).


Step 4: On the page that opens, enter the airline Code and Description. Click Save to save your changes.


Please Note: IATA is the official organization that assigns the airline codes. To locate codes and names, use the Search by option for Company Name. Enter the airline name in the search field.


When you go back to the List Items, the entry is now included.


To delete an entry from the List Items, select the Delete icon.


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