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Adding a Company Credit Card


It is common for an organization to utilize company-paid credit cards for business travel. Often, certain cards are available for specific groups of employees. Within Certify Travel, you may add these cards in advance so that they are available for specific groups.

This article walks you, a TMC Administrator, through the process of adding a company card to a user's profile. To avoid the credit card being added in multiple locations, add the credit card in Payment Settings

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, select the Admin menu. Then, select Company Settings followed by Reports.


Step 2: Select View Reports.


Step 3: Click Run for the Administrative | Group Profile Updates Report.


Step 4: Check the box for the Core Permissions policy branch and the checkbox for Include child policy branches. When finished, click Continue.


Step 5: The Profile Updates Filter Designer page will display. Selections can be made if you want to only add the credit card to certain profiles. The selected filters will be available on the Update Filters page. If you are updating for all profiles, do not make a specific selection. Click Continue.


Step 6: Select Run for the Credit Card Add function.


Step 7: The Update Filter page displays next. Selections can be made from the default filters, if you want to only add the credit card to certain profiles. If you are updating for all profiles, no selection is required to Add a Credit Card. Click Continue.


Step 8: Next the New Value page displays. Add the new credit card information. Click Continue.


Please Note: The address fields should be completed. The address is required by certain vendors, so it is always best practice to complete the address fields. The first, middle, and last name must reflect the name on the card. If the company name is on the card, use available fields to populate the company name.

Step 9: A list of profiles that the credit card will be added to is displayed for you to review. In the Update column, uncheck any profile you do not wish to update. Click Continue


Step 10: Add your password. Click Submit.


Step 11: You will receive the confirmation that the update is complete. Click Continue to return to the main Reports page.


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