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Resetting a User's Password


You may find that a user needs to reset their password, or their account needs to be unlocked after unsuccessful logins. 

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to force a password reset for an employee.

Step 1: From your Certify home page, select Profile Administration in the Adminmenu. Then, Select Another User


Step 2: Search for the user using the Member ID, First Name, and/or Last Namefields. Click Search to find the employee's profile. 


Step 3: Use the Select link to access the user's profile. 


Step 4: From the Profile menu, select User Setup.


Step 5: On the User Setup screen, you will have options to enable the account, disable the account, lock the account, and force a password reset. 

  • Account Enabled: Unlock an account, or enable an account that was previously disabled. 
  • Account Disable: Disable the account so that it is no longer active.
  • Account Locked: Lock the account. The employee will no longer be permitted to login. 
  • Reset Password: Use the checkmark to force a password reset upon the user's next login. 


Step 6: Click Save. The employee will then need to login to Certify Travel regularly, but with a blank password. They will then be prompted to reset.


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