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Updating Permitted Car Types


Most Global Distribution System (GDS) use an industry-standard matrix of car type codes to define car models and ensure a like-to-like comparison of vehicles.

In Certify Travel, you can update the existing list of car types a company’s users can rent. To override the list of car types available in users’ travel preferences, add or edit the Car Type Categories codes for that company.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to add and update a company’s car codes using the Car Type Categories screen.

Please Note: When working from a Travel Management Company on behalf of a company using Certify Travel, be sure to first select a SYSOPADMIN in the company you are going to Edit. This ensures you are editing and testing policy of the selected company.

Step 1: Select Lookup Lists in the Admin menu. Then, Car Type Categories.


Step 2: In Lookup Lists, from the List Items section, select the link for Add New/Edit List Items(s).


Step 3: On the screen that appears, enter the Car Type Category code information, and then click Save to add the code to the list.


  • Code or List: The Code or List must contain 1-2 characters. These should be the first, or first and second characters of the car code used to shop the car type in the GDS. 
  • Description: Enter a description for the car code. Text entered here displays to the user for selection.

Step 4. Upon saving, the new Car Type Category code displays in the List Items section.


Click Delete to remove a car code permanently from the list.


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