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Creating New Car Contracts


You can use the Car Contracts section to enter the terms of rental car contracts between a company and a car rental agency. Car Contract terms are applied when the company’s travelers shop for rental cars. 

This article shows you, a TMC Admin, how to create a new car contract.

Creating a new Car Contract is a two-step process:

  1. Create the Car Contract.
  2. Then add the new contract to the Policy Tree to enable it.

Please Note: When working from a Travel Management Company on behalf of a company using Certify Travel, be sure to first select a SYSOPADMIN in the company you are going to Edit. This ensures you are editing and testing policy of the selected company.

Creating the Car Contract

Step 1: Select Contracts in the Admin menu. Then, Car Contracts.


Step 2: Click Add New Car Contract on the Car Contracts screen.


Step 3: Fill out the fields on the Car Contracts editing screen.


  • Contract Name: The name of the contract.
  • Car Company: The contracted car company.
  • Contract priority: The priority of the contract (0-999).
    • Best practice is to always add a Contract Priority (0) and Rate Code (BEST).
  • Corporate discount number: A Corporate discount number should always be added. This is the discount number associated with the company's discount ,and is provided by the company you are working with.
    • If working with a TMC, this information must be confirmed with the TMC.
  • Rate code or (BEST): The rate code supplied by the rental car company, or BEST code. 
  • Start date: The date the contract goes into effect. If left blank ,the contract is always effective.
  • End date: The date the contract expires. If left blank ,the contract is always effective.
  • Included Cities (comma delimited): City code(s) / Zone(s) where contract applicable
  • Excluded Cities (comma delimited): City code(s) / Zone(s) where contract not applicable.
  • Build another car contract?: A check indicates that you want to add another car contract after this one is saved.

Step 4: Click Save to save your changes.


You are returned to the Car Contracts list screen and the new contract has been added to the list.


Add a Car Contract to the Policy Tree

For the new Car Contract to be enabled, it must be attached to a branch of the Policy Tree and Compiled. Attaching a Car Contract to a Policy Tree Branch results in cars returned to users that comply with that contract displaying a car contract icon at availability.

Car contract rule items are inclusive. The rule items can be added multiple times to the same Policy Tree Branch without conflict, and a Policy Tree Branch can support multiple car contracts.

Car Contract attached to a Policy Tree Branch with the Include Car Contract rule cannot be deleted. To delete an attached contract, first detach it from the Policy Tree Branch.

Step 1: Select Policy Tree in the Admin menu. Then, Policy Tree Editor.


Step 2: The Policy Tree Editor opens. Select Edit for the Core Permissions policy branch.


Step 3: Scroll down to the Car section and click Add New Rule to Car Section.


Step 4: The Policy Rule Search Results section displays. Mark the checkbox for Include Car Contract and click Next.


Step 5: The Policy Rule Values section appears. Select the Car Contract you created earlier, and then select Save.


Step 6: On the Edit Policy Tree Branch screen, click Compile for Core Permissions.


The Car Contract now appears in the Car section of the Policy Tree.


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