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Importing Lookup Lists


Many companies require specific information and options to be available when booking trips. For example, menus within search results that only contain specific rental car types and airline fares to book, or specific options for trip reasons. Also, extra information specific to the Traveler, such as a cost center or regional department in their profile.

In Certify Travel, these lists are called Lookup Lists. This article will show you, a TMC Administrator, how to import Lookup Lists into your Certify Travel account.

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to import a lookup list.

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, select the Admin menu. Then, select Policy Setup, followed by Reporting Conditions.


Please Note: You can also access the lookup list menu via the Custom Profile Field, Car Policy, or Company Hotel Preference Policy pages by clicking the Grid symbol on the corresponding pages.

Step 2: On the Reporting Conditions page, click Add New Reporting Condition.


Step 3: From here, scroll to the Lookup List (if required) section and click the blue grid icon, followed by the plus icon.


Step 4: The List Editor opens, where you can choose the Import option.


Step 5: Browse to the location where you have saved the list to be imported.


Please Note: The imported list should have the following columns:

  • Order
  • Code
  • Description

Step 6: Once the list is imported, click the Save List button.


Step 7: The list is now attached to your new reporting condition. Click the Save button to complete.




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