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Activating the SuperSwitch for Air Canada & Southwest Direct Connect


Certify Travel works with several Global Distribution Systems to provide robust travel services for users. However, some travel vendors, like Air Canada and Southwest Airlines, sell their travel services outside of the GDS search. 

To include these travel vendors in search results, Certify Travel provides a feature called the SuperSwitch to connect with these outside travel shopping sources. The SuperSwitch then connects to the Air Canada and Southwest Direct Connect API

This article shows you, a TMC Administrator, how to activate the SuperSwitch, required for Air Canada and Southwest Direct Connect.

Step 1: From your Certify Travel homepage, select the Admin menu. Then select Policy Setup, followed by Super Switch Settings.


Step 2: Once you are on the SuperSwitch Settings list page, edit the settings for the vendor to include the policy specific to the company you are working with. For example, Air Canada. This needs to be done for both Provider Settings and Airline SuperSwitch Settings


Step 3: Provider Settings is where information to link to the Air Canada and Southwest Direct Connect is established. Click the Pencil icon next to Air Canada/Southwest under Provider Settings.


Step 4: Review that your TMC information is in place within Provider Access Information. Please contact Certify Travel Support if any information is missing. Click Save to update the settings.


Step 5: Return to the SuperSwitch Settings page and click the Pencil icon next to Air Canada and/or Southwest under Airline SuperSwitch Settings.


Step 6: The Provider SuperSwitch Settings edit page opens. Update the fields with the information for Air Canada and/or Southwest. Click Save to update the settings. The following can be configured:

  • Agency Email Address
  • Rewards for Business Account Number
  • Contract Code
  • Disable ability to modify Account Number
  • Contract Code
  • Disable ability to modify Air Canada Flight Pass bookings
  • Passive Segment content for GDS
  • Tour Code
  • Shop Flight Pass only
  • Default vs. Custom Documentation
  • FOP add to passive booking
  • OTH/TUR add to passive booking


Step 7: The SuperSwitch is now configured. Next, access the new SuperSwitch Policy page to edit the settings for Air Canada and/or Southwest via the Admin menu.


Step 8: Select the Edit icon to open the policy. 


Step 9: Name the policy and use the arrows to move the policy from the Available column to the Selected column. Active SuperSwitch policies will show in the right pane. 


  • Super Switch Policy Name – The name of the policy. More than one policy may exist for a company, but only one policy can be active at a time.
  • While only one policy can be active at a time, a policy can contain more than one setting. For example, a policy might contain both Air Canada and Southwest Airlines.
  • Available Air SuperSwitch Setting(s) – This column contains the settings available for use. Vendors listed here are not yet connected. To set up the Air Canada AC2U link, highlight Air Canada and use the arrow to move Air Canada to the Selected Air SuperSwitch Setting(s) column.

Step 10: Click Save to activate the SuperSwitch policy.


Step 11: Open the Policy Tree Editor to add the SuperSwitch Policy via the Admin menu.


Step 12: Click Edit next to Core Permissions.


Step 13: Click Install SuperSwitch Policy. Then, Compile.



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