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Booking a Trip on the Certify Travel Mobile App


The Certify Travel mobile app allows you to book trips while on the go. 

This article will show you how to book a trip, including flight, car rental, and hotel all from your Certify Travel mobile app.

To begin, make sure you've downloaded and are registered for the Certify Travel Mobile App.

Step 1: Start by logging into the Certify Travel Mobile App with your regular login credentials. Once logged in, tap the blue Book square to begin booking a trip.


Step 2: Next, tap Air to begin booking a flight, Car to begin booking a rental car reservation, or Hotel to begin booking a hotel reservation. 


Step 3: If beginning with flight, first select if you're looking for a round-trip or one-way flight. Enter in which airport you'll be flying out of and into, your departure date, and your return date.


Step 4: Check Include Car and Include Hotel if you'd like to include them when booking your trip. If including hotel in your search, enter in the Hotel Name where you'd like to stay as well as your check-in and check-out date.


Step 5: Tap Search when complete.


Step 6: Flight information based on the criteria you entered will appear. To choose a flight, tap the price next to the flight.


Step 7: Tap Purchase to finish booking the flight.


Step 7: If you included a car in your search, you'll now have the option to select a rental car. Tap Add to Cart to select.


Step 8: If you included a hotel in your search, you'll now have the option to select a hotel. To learn more about the populated options, tap Show Rates.


Step 9: To choose a room, tap the price underneath the description of the room.


Step 10: You'll now be prompted to enter in your credit card information to purchase your trip. Be sure to tap the "I acknowledge..." box, then click Continue.


Step 11: Your trip is now purchased. You can review your trip itinerary any time on the Mobile App or Online.





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