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Viewing Unused Tickets for All Travelers


Certify Travel will keep track of unused tickets from any prior cancelled itineraries for your company travelers. Most times, these tickets will act as a credit towards a future flight, subject to any cost difference and cancellation fees. Keeping track of unused air tickets is essential to identify cost savings opportunities.

This article shows you, a local Certify Travel Administrator, how to view unused tickets within your organization. 

Step 1: From the Admin menu, select Profile Administration. Then, Unused Tickets.


Step 2: The Unused Tickets screen will display. Your Travel Management Company will handle unused ticket exchanges on new itineraries. Included details are:

  • Traveler first and last name
  • Member ID
  • Ticket Range
  • Carrier
  • Ticket Value
  • Expiration Date
  • If the ticket has been used or not
  • If the traveler has been removed from Certify Travel


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