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Assigning Travelers to a New Travel Policy


Within Certify Travel, you'll find several settings to enforce different limits using different travel policies.

This article shows you, a local Certify Travel Administrator, how to assign travelers to their specific policy. 

Step 1: From the Certify homepage, select Travel, and select then Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: From the Admin menu, select Policy Tree and View Active Policy.


Step 3: Select Maintenance for the policy you want to move the traveler to. There are different Traveler Types within Certify Travel:

  • Basic Traveler: This role is given to the main group of travelers in a company. This role can book their own travel and update their profile.
  • Executive Traveler: This role is used for those travelers requiring a more flexible travel policy. For example, Executive Travelers may have the ability to book business class where a Basic Traveler may only book coach. This role can book their own travel and update their profile.
  • Travel Planner: This role can book travel on behalf of another person in their company. For example, a secretary booking travel on behalf of his boss. The role also includes the same permissions as the Basic Traveler.
  • Trip Authorizer: If a company requires a trip to be approved, an Authorizer receives an email for trips meeting qualifications by the Company Travel Administrator (for example, when a trip falls outside company travel policy).
  • Company Travel Administrator: Company employee who oversees the travel program. This role can book their own travel, update their profile, book travel on behalf of another person in their company, approve travel, add new users, establish roles, and run reports on company activity. 


Step 4: Enter in the details to search for the user you want to move. Click Next


Step 5: Select the Attach checkbox for the traveler and click Attach.


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